What Polish Women Expect Of Men

what do polish women expect of menWhat Polish Women Expect Of Men

Polish women, those beautiful ladies from Eastern Europe that catch the eye every time you see them. Any normal red blooded man will look on a Polish woman with desire and admiration because of their aesthetic beauty and the classy way in which they carry themselves.

Because of their beauty Polish ladiesare always at the top of any man’s list of datable women. The issue is that because guys don’t seem to know what Polish women expect of men they fail miserably when they do finally get a date.

Polish women are not as fickle and materialistic as other women and this is where many men fail in their bid to build a relationship with these angels of central-eastern Europe. To help you gain the momentum in building a relationship with a beautiful Polish woman we are going to give you information on what Polish women expect from men.

What Polish women expect of men

  • Polish women like a man who is confident within himself, but does not carry an ego through over confidence. It is important that a man has the confidence to care for their women but at the same time it will not be accepted for a man to carry the weight of an ego and think highly of himself, confidence and arrogance are two totally different things.
  • Following on from the above a man should not be someone who brags about what he has. Money and material possessions are fine but a Polish woman is not seeking these things out so a man who openly talks about earning this much, owning that car will only turn off a Polish lady.
  • Gentlemanly conduct is a must for a Polish woman. You will be expected to hold open doors and pull out chairs as gentlemanly conduct is seen as important and will really help your prospects with any Polish lady.
  • Further to this respect is important too. Poland is a country where respect is important and respecting a Polish lady is a must if you are to gain any ground in developing a relationship. This respect comes in the form of listening to what she has to say, understanding that she may have strong religious views and will be patriotic to her country.
  • Be attentive to her, gain an understanding of what she likes. As mentioned Polish women are not materialistic so buying a certain flower or box of chocolates you know she really likes will really go down well. This will let her know and understand you have listened, putting thought into your choice.
  • Polish women have a fun and spontaneous streak too so they like a man who is fun and can poke fun at themselves. In other words they like someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.
  • Finally Polish women want a man who is intelligent and will have an understanding of Polish customs and culture. Rather than simply taking a Polish lady to a football match she will be very happy with you gaining an understanding of what she likes to do and taking her somewhere where you can both talk about her passions. If she likes art, take her to an art gallery and read up on what is there so you have something to talk about for example.

What Polish women expect of men in summary

In summary Polish women want a man who is confident, respectful, and attentive, also a gentleman too. All of this without being too over confident that he is seen as arrogant, as arrogance will change the dynamic of a date instantly.

It may seem like a big request to be all of the above but in a Polish woman you are getting a very aesthetically beautiful date who is caring, considerate, loyal, nurturing and is looking for a long term relationship. If what polish women expect of men are in your thoughts,  you may be pleasantly surprised with how wonderful Polish ladies can be no matter how amazing you thought they were to begin with and with no over the top expectations.

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